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Experienced Construction Project Management Executive

Adrian Ionita's Bio:

Adrian Ionita is a successful certified project manager and resident engineer. He has more than 15 years of experience in procurement, construction, and engineering and has completed capital projects in multiple sectors including residential, municipal, and water/waste-water. Adrian Ionita has demonstrated his ability to oversee projects throughout each step of project lifecycles, from pre-planning, development, change management, commissioning, to final hand-off. 

Adrian has extensive experience with managing both aboveground and underground utilities and their connections to structures and has the knowledge and skill to be able to develop and suggest solutions to engineering problems. He has a keen grasp on all construction practices and a comprehensive understanding of regulatory compliance, with a particular expertise in the specifications of Ontario Provincial Standards, Ontario Building Code, ACI Concrete Standards, applicable CSA, ESA Codes, Clean Water Act, TSSA, and Ministry of Labour Regulations for construction projects. 

Among Adrian’s many career highlights, the most notable include his oversight of capital project delivery for major industrial facilities; his excellence in project management when it comes to regulatory requirements, cost and materials estimations, environmental assessments, insurance, health and safety, and overall planning and control of project engineers and general contractors; and his leadership and ability to provide guidance with preparation of contracts, capital budgets, schedule and change management, laboratory testing, and wrap-up.

Adrian has been a senior site inspector and contract administrator for various clients. In these roles, he has overseen high-value construction deliverables in industrial environments, driven progress on projects, and has reported on the quality and integrity of the projects to clients including private companies, public institutions, and municipalities. He has been responsible for ensuring compliance with plans and regulatory, legislative, and environmental requirements for each construction project. Adrian also has experience administering the financial aspects of projects, including preparing contract payment certificates and making final payments to contractors. 

Adrian earned his Project Management Professional Certificate from the Project Management Institute and his Project Management Certificate from the University of Toronto. He received his certification as an Engineering Technologist from the Ontario Association of Certified Engineering Technicians and Technologists.

Adrian Ionita's Education:

Adrian Ionita's Interests & Activities:

traveling, learning new cultures, foreign languages, architecture, cooking, ice fishing, soccer

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